Yeah, we get that sometimes.  But we don't mind.  Basically, it means we identify ourselves with the same people Jesus identifies himself with.  When Jesus of Nazareth lived 2000 years ago, people used to ask about his lowly origins.  They'd say, "Nazareth?  Can anything good come out of Nazareth?"  Nobody expected much out of anyone from Nazareth, but that's exactly where God decided to enter the world.  

Maybe nobody expects much out of you.  Maybe they expect too much.  Either way, God is with you.  

You'll be happy to know, we don't think we are the only or the best Christians in the world.  So you're welcome to come to church here even if you're not a Nazarene and never want to be.  We just have a particular passion for loving God in a way we call holiness, which basically means we make every effort to walk in the path of Jesus with our whole lives.

Naz Seal

So we're happy to call ourselves a part of the Nazarene Denomination.  Located in over 150 countries with well over 2 million members, you can probably find a Nazarene church just about anywhere you go.  We also have several colleges and universities, including Olivet Nazarene University located just an hour and a half west of us in Bourbonnais, IL.

Still have questions about what a Nazarene is?  Ask away!