We're really pretty easy to figure out.

Need more than that?  Okay, here's a list....

Here Are Some Do's
Move at your own pace We have many visitors, some from other churches, some from other nations, some have never set foot inside a church before, some have never wanted to. Many just come to have a look. Some want to come and get connected right away, others would rather take a backseat for awhile.  Either way, there's time and space for you to grow at your own pace. Come and go as you please If you need to go early or come late that's fine. We do serve a fine cup of coffee and donuts if you arrive early though Expect to be challenged We are a church full of imperfect people, encouraging one another to live lives worthy of our Creator.  If we're not challenging you and if you're not challenging us, then we're probably none of us doing it right! Let us know if we can pray for you We lift people up. If you need a friend, let us know.
Here Are Some Don't's
Worry about what you wear Although no speedos please. Worry if your kids are noisy We love kids.  Sometimes they behave - sometimes they don't! But they're a part of the family.  Check out what they'll be up to at Sunday School and The Ridge here. Be afraid to ask questions You can contact us at the church, or ask any question you want about life, the universe, or everything. Be afraid to laugh out loud We like to think of ourselves as Very Hilarious.  Feel free to let us keep that illusion. Be surprised if God speaks to you We believe that God is especially fond of you.  We also believe that God is especially fond of everyone you know, but they might not realize it.  God might just want you to do something about that.